1. In June I met up with the UFC ring girls Arianny Celeste and Brittney Palmer in LA. The concept for the shoot was pretty simple, broken down car and girls hitchhiking. Getting the right location was harder than expected but we managed to find a spot in the Hollywood Hills. I’m really happy with the shots I’ve posted, there are tonnes more I’ll edit and get online soon.


  2. I shot these a while ago of my friend Kindra ( www.instagram.com/sketchykindra ) at the Gladstone hotel in Toronto. The idea was just to play around with some different lighting techniques and see what happened. I was happy with how they turned out, although if I were to shot them again now I’d do quite a few things differently.


  3. An awesome beard, and awesome National Guitar, and an awesome barn with great light as a location. My job was easy on this one.


  4. My plan with this blog was to focus on actual photo shoots, not to constantly be posting personal photos. BUT… December is a notoriously slow month for creative work and I happen to have these photos from yesterday that I feel are worth posting.

    I’ll be back in the new year with a bunch of photos, videos, behind the scenes stuff and a FAQ/Q&A section. I’m starting to get a lot of emails and messages I feel are worth answering on here.

    Merry Christmas!


  5. I just started planning actual photo shoots in the spring of this year, before that it was just me documenting my life and friends with a beaten up camera and one fisheye lens. This series of photos are a few of my favorites from a ‘work trip’ we took to Copenhagen in 2011. I got such a great reaction from these photos that I’m sure it influenced my decision to take photography a little more seriously down the road.

    Thanks to -
    Ben from - www.eikondevice.com
    Safwan and Nima from - www.imagotattoo.com
    Nick Chaboya - www.nickchaboya.com

    Go to Copenhagen.


  6. Last week I got to shoot with Toronto based rapper YT ( http://www.instagram.com/ytzworld) on a private plane. As far as photo locations go it couldn’t have been better. I think the photos speak for themselves, this guy is a star whether the world knows it yet or not. He told me 2014 is his year to blow up, and I’d bet on him being right.


  7. Motorcycle season is over in Toronto, so I figured I’d post a few of my favorite bike pictures from the summer. Turns out every time I have a camera pointed at someone on a motorcycle I tell them to do a burnout, I’m sure I’m responsible for a lot of replacement tires this season.


  8. So many options… not sure which I like most. Recently I’ve been experimenting with some different treatments and overlays on some of my photos. I shot this last week of Alli ( http://www.instagram.com/alliakira ) on a white background then added the city after. I have a few more from this series I’ll post soon.



  9. I figured I’d post this photo set since Halloween is this week. The concept was to just take ridiculous photos of Wolfman living life on his days off.


  10. A few weeks ago Eikon (http://www.eikondevice.com) decided to sponsor a derby car driven by my friend Bradie (http://instagram.com/bradiejay). I was brought in to design the car graphics, do a photo shoot with the car before it was wrecked and document the event with some photos and video.

    The first couple photos of Bradie and the car were shot on location at Bradies car dealership (http://www.autohousekingston.ca/). The background was shot separately.

    The car placed second overall, won best looking car, we all had a great time and I got some great photos and video, I’d say it was a pretty successful event.